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Resealing Foreign Grants of Probate or Letters of Executorship

Estates outside England and Wales

Excelsior Solicitors assist executors and their professional advisors in foreign countries including South Africa and Australia in obtaining Grant of Probate in England and Wales where this is needed to wind up and distribute assets of an estate also situated in England and Wales.

Executors and their professional advisor such as an accountant, attorney/solicitor or financial advisor who need assistance with releasing an asset, such as a bank account, shares, property, etc. held in England and Wales can contact us with the knowledge that we will assist with every aspect of the estate situated here.

Our service is fast and effective, which will be a relief to any executor who has allready experienced a long and difficult task in obtaining the grant of representation in his or her own country.

Our fees are generally charged at a fixed rate depending on the value of the estate and the number of assets we are required to wind up and distribute.

Estates in England and Wales

If you are an executor or a professional advisor in England and Wales and need assistance with winding up part of the estate situated in South Africa, we are happy to recommend our trusted businees partners in South Africa to assist you.