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Co-Habitation Agreements

It is quite common for friends or unmarried couples to purchase a property together.

However, we understand that relationships do not always last or unforeseen circumstances can lead to one party wishing to move out of the property or sell the property.

Excelsior Solicitors can advise and assist you in ensuring that detailed agreements are reached to meet your specific needs, such as:

  • Who must pay for buildings insurance, Council Tax, service charges and other outgoings of the property.
  • Whether each party should maintain a life policy or other mortgage repayment vehicle in case of serious illness or death.
  • What happens if a party wishes to move out of the property and the other wishes to stay or both wish to leave the property? Who is responsible for utilities and should the person staying at the property be responsible for payment of the whole mortgage?
  • What are the procures involved in selling the property or agreeing a price so the one party can buy the others share?