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Compromise Agreements

Excelsior Solicitors advise both individuals or businesses on compromise agreements, which are agreements involving an offer from an employer to an employee to agree to mutually terminate the employment relationship.

These Agreements will usually provide for a salary to be paid to a certain date, to pay part or all of the contractual notice period and whether an ex gratia payment (which can be tax free up to a maximum of £30,000.00) will be made by the employer.

To be legally binding the employee must have received separate and independent legal advice, which is generally paid for by the employer.


Contact contact us if you have been offered a compromise agreement.


Please contact us if you are an employer wishing to avoid possible claims arising on redundancy or a dispute with an employee(s). Our Solicitors will give you a thorough assesment and impartial advice with a view to negotiate and agree terms with the employee concerned.